Fox Hunt – 2016

Fox Hunting – Radio Transmitter Hunting 

Back on February 9, 2016, the Red Oaks Amateur Radio Club met to have an antenna building event; they were building “Tape Measure Antennas” for the purpose of Fox Hunting. I have to tell you, these guys sure built an awesome antenna, too good, for the Fox application.

We tried to locate the Fox, most everyone has the BaoFeng HT’s and for multiple reasons the hunt did not go as planned. There seemed to be some glitches withing the radios, the fox or the antennas.

The group decided to add an attenuator to their antennas to help in locating the “Fox” at close range. So on March 8, 2016, they got together to add them, again a few glitches and they were not able to get them completed.

At this same time  I had ask Earle – W9EJH if he would take the Fox and check it out to see if the setting were okay and all. And as Earle does, he dove into it and researched and got some solutions to making the Fox work better and to work better with the BaoFeng HT’s. I am sure by now they have tested the Fox and HTs to see how they work together and who knows; they may have already done a Fox Hunt.

We may not get around to having a full feldged Fox Hunt before the guys all leave us for their summer homes, but hopefully by the time they are all back for the winter  we will have put the Fox to use locally and have a solid plan for when the Oaks return.


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