Labor Day – ending of summer

Well, at least that is what some of us are hoping for as we really do want some cooler weather. Not to mention that we are just a few months away from our Seasonal Associates being back.

The summer months were very slow, the locals took the summer off from our breakfast and lunch meetings. It has been a long and hot summer not unlike where some of our Seasonal Associates are from though.

As we move closer to the Season we hope to start our breakfast and lunch meetings back up in October, 2016 so that us locals can start planning out the winter season.

That being said we are looking into the idea of participating in what is known as “Winter Field Day” which is not associated with the ARRL Field Day. Winter Field Day will be held the last weekend of January, 2017 and while it is a contest of sorts, it is not as stringent as the ARRL Field Day Event. Of course the one plus is it should be cooler and secondly our Seasonal Associates will be able to participate with us.

We are also looking into the possibility of doing a display with live radio (we hope) for the 2017 Sumter County Fair. We hope to have a display in the area where most of the schools displays are and if all goes well we can have a radio set up and allow people to check out Amateur Radio.

Not to mention we want to throw a couple “Fox Hunts” in this time around as well. We just didn’t get that off the ground last time around.

Okay, looking forward to the next few months and then December when most of the Seasonal Associates will be returning. Until then, take care, be safe and see you soon.

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