Summer is upon us, Hurricane Season starts soon.

Here we are, Friday evening, May 24, 2019, heading into the Memorial Day weekend signalling that summer is upon us.  While we truly hope those who can, enjoy their long weekend with family and friends, we ask that you each take a moment to honor those who’s lives were lost in order to secure this holiday and more importantly, secure our freedom and in keeping America the Land of the Free. 

Keep in mind also that in just a short week we officially kick off the 2019 Hurricane / Storm Season, though we have already closed out the first named storm.  So now is the time to prepare, to stock up, to write up your 2019 plan.  Family plan or singular, or maybe with friends, don’t forget to make a plan. 

For those of you who are licensed amateur radio operators, those who have no real reason why you cannot, we would like to encourage you to consider volunteering your time and talents to your local ARES, RACES, CERT, SkyWarn Teams.  Volunteer to help out your community if or when the time comes. 



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