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This page is for listing information, either needing information on something or providing information as well. 

Weekly / Monthly Club Events:

For more up-to-date information, please check out our Facebook Group, link on the right side of the web page, or send an email to  

Hog County Amateur Radio Association – Monthly Breakfast 

On the first Saturday of each month,  9:00 AM is our breakfast meeting.  During the winter season, when we have a larger group of seasonal members, we usually meet at Howie’s Family Restaurant – 840 North Main Street, Bushnell, Florida 33513.  However, during the summer/fall months, we have a smaller group, so we may visit other restaurants.  Our breakfast is open to all amateurs and those seeking to become one.   Please RSVP via email at so that we have a headcount and can reserve the tables and or advise you of the month’s location. 

Hog County Amateur Radio Association – Monthly Lunch

On the third Saturday of each month, we may meet for lunch at 11:45 AM – the location will vary, so if you are interested in attending the lunches, please email us and let us know, and we’ll let you know where.  Please RSVP via email at so that we have a headcount and can reserve the tables and or advise you of the location. 

Hog County Amateur Radio Association – Monthly VE  Exam / Testing Session

Notice: The FCC has set a date of Tuesday, April 19, 2022, as the date they will implement the additional $35.00 license fee, which will be paid directly to the FCC through their ULS system.  This is in addition to the $15.00 fee due at the testing time.  Keep in mind this may sound like a lot; however, your license is good for a ten (10) year period of time – so that equates to $3.50 per year to enjoy the hobby of amateur radio and maybe volunteer for the service side of the hobby. 

On the first Saturday of each month, we host an amateur radio testing session for those looking to get their ticket and get started in the hobby as a Technician or those who are looking to upgrade their license to General or Extra.  So the testing will be on the first Saturday of each month, starting at 11:00 AM.   Exams will be held at the Cross Connection Church – 1451 West County Road 476, Bushnell, Florida 33513.  If interested, please RSVP at or email us with any questions you may have.  Currently, the cost of taking the test is $15.00, payable the day of, preferably via check made out to ARRL / VEC or cash (exact amount) if you do not have a check. 

Don’t forget that you must obtain your FRN number before taking your exam.  To do so, follow this link to the FCC FRN Registration Page and follow their instructions. 

Other Events:

As events may become known, we may post them here.  Otherwise, we use our Facebook page to inform members of association events.


The new Yaesu DR2X Fusion Repeater was brought online and operational on Monday, September 5, 2022, at about 6:00 PM ET.  Thanks going to our repeater team Gary-W2TR, Len-K4LFK, Gil-WB2UTI, and Bobby-KX4RS.  Keep in mind that the 147.030 is now a C4FM/Fusion repeater; that said, if you do not have a Yaesu Fusion radio, you will need to make sure your analog radio has the Tone set for both Decode and Encode – otherwise, when someone is talking on the Fusion side of the repeater, all you will hear is what sounds like open squelch, very annoying. 

New Yaesu DR2X Fusion Repeater to be installed soon; August / September of 2022.

The decision was made to upgrade our 147.030 repeater, and it was decided to go with the Yaesu DR2X Fusion System Repeater, especially since it was on sale for $700.00. So we now have the repeater, which is being prepared by Len and Gary. The process will take some time, and at some point, the repeater will be off the air for a couple of days. But, when it comes back online, we will have a new Repeater, and we will have Fusion capabilities/C4FM.

ARDC Grant Applied For, covering the cost of purchasing and equipping a mobile command center.

We, the Hog County Amateur Radio Association, Inc., have the opportunity to purchase an already-built communications trailer. And we would need to install new radio equipment to get the trailer ready for any Emergency Communication needs as well as any community needs. The grant process can take upward of three months, so for now, we have to be patient.

Update: We were advised by ARDC that we were not awarded a Grant at this time. The reason given is that we cannot show active participation in volunteering for Community Events or EmComm Support.

Hog County Amateur Radio Association – K4HOG – 2022 Picnic & Ice Cream Social

On Saturday, March 19, 2022, the Hog County Amateur Radio Association, Inc. held its annual (though it’s been two years thanks to Covid) Picnic and Ice Cream Social out at Roger and Johanna Jones’s residence. Of the many hats the Jones’s wear, being amateur radio operators and members of our association can be added to the list.

Along with our association members were some of the Red Oaks Amateur Radio Group members – our seasonal friends who come down each year and reside at the Red Oaks RV Resort in Bushnell.

Part of this year’s get-together was also to celebrate that the Association has reached our official status as an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Affiliated Club – a Charter Party, as they call it.

While most people believe that amateur radio is antiquated, that is far from the truth. Amateur Radio is still a very vibrant hobby where amateurs talk to others in many different modes around the neighborhood, worldwide, and even to the International Space Station. The hobby also crosses over into community service as well. Here locally, we provide communication support for bicycle ride events and parades. As well as a select few assist with what we call EmComm, or Emergency Communications, assisting during situations like Hurricanes, Severe Weather, and other potential disasters.

If you would like more information on becoming an FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator, send us an email at

Gene King – KI4LEH

Members of the Hog County Amateur Radio Association and the Red Oaks Amateur Radio Group – displaying our ARRL Affiliated Club Charter.