Winter Field Day Event

Winter Field Day – January 26 – 27, 2019

Well, it’s here, WFD 2019.  This year there are several of the associates from the Red Oaks Group that will be participating in WFD under the banner of K4HOG.  They will be doing CW, Digital and Phone.  They will be set up at the North West area of the Red Oaks RV Resort in Bushnell, FL.  You are welcome to stop by and say hi, check out what is going on an hang out a bit.  They will be operational from Saturday, January 26 at 2:00 PM ET to Sunday, January 27 about 2:00 PM ET. 

One hundred seventeen days (117) from today (10-2-2018) will be Winter Field Day – 2019.  Yes, I know this may sound like a long time out but trust me, it is not.  So for those who are or may consider participating in Winter Field Day with the Hog County ARA, please go ahead and give us a heads up, let us know by sending us an email to and we will add you to the Roster for that weekend.

For additional information on Winter Field Day please go to their web link at


Well, obviously Winter Field Day is behind us. The Red Oaks Group set up in their park and operated from there.  I believe they had a good time setting up and operating.  They also had one or two that operated separately from their residence. Overall I believe all was good and they made a good number of contacts.  Maybe next year more will participate and the bands will be more open for contacts.


Okay, the Red Oaks group will be participating in the 2018 Winter Field Day Event. They will set up somewhere within the Red Oaks RV Resort and they have invited anyone amateur who would like to also participate to come do so with their group.  So if you are interested then email us here at and we will get you the information needed.


As some know the Hog County ARA participated in the 2017 Winter Field Day (see below) and we set up in Kenny Dixon Sports Complex / Park in Bushnell.

The question is, will we do it again for 2018?  Anyone interested in participating in the 2018 Winter Field Day Event coming up on Saturday, January 27, – January 28, 2018, please let us know.  Please email us at your intentions and what you can bring to the event. 




The Hog County Amateur Radio Association participated in the Winter Field Day – 2017 Amateur Radio Event. This event encompassed amateur radio operators from all over the United States and Canada. The event is an annual event to bring Hams together both locally and across the Globe to communicate with and share information with others while simulating an emergency communications event under not ideal circumstances.

Our group was small, but we made the best of it, and though we were a bit cold (45 degrees Saturday night) we can’t stress enough how good we had it here in Florida. We were collectively able to make a number of contacts throughout the event from 28 States across North America, Canada and a few DX stations as well. Even with the limited set up we had and the band conditions not all that good collectively we still managed to make 170 contacts.

We had four stations set up, Mr. Bill (W0WHW)  & MR. Gary (KD0RIS) “Go-Box”, Gene (KI4LEH) Utility Trailer with radio set up, Dave (WG0Y) operated from his vehicle and then we were fortunate enough that the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office allowed us to also utilize their Mobile Command Trailer, which we used as our information resource / Public Education / GOTA (Get on the Air) Station for the event.

Below are some of the photos taken of the event.

We would like to thank each and every one who participated in the 2017 Winter Field Day Event. While not Hams (YET) I (KI4LEH) want to thank my wonderful daughter Lydia and wonderful son-in-law Mitch for helping out with set up on Saturday and with taking most of the photos.  For W0WHW, KD0RIS, N8VCR, WG0Y & his brother, W0QF, KX4RS, and a few others for their support and commitment to helping make this first WFD a success.

We also appreciate the few visitors that we had and look forward to next year’s event.

Check out the photos taken the day of setup.